Whole Food Market Finds (Pictures Included!)

Whole Foods Entrance in West Hollwood

Whole Foods Market is a nice place to browse around for some real natural, organic, and unsynthesized foods, healthful salts, cruelty free beauty treatments, TONS of soaps, and just about everything you already get from your regular grocery store.

Here are some of the goods I scoped out during my most recent visit!

Celtic Sea Salt Details - REAL Salt

Natural Celtic Sea Salt – click to read the back info panel for yourself

Packaging label for Celtic Sea Salt from Whole Foods market

Selina Celtic Sea Salt

Fantastic soaps from Whole Foods - expensive but worth it

Soaps, soaps, and more soaps!
himasalt duo

Pink Himalayan Salt in rock form

Pink rock salt from whole foods, himilayan

This is some of the most natural salt that you can use, and a cheap grinder will make it easy to use, so don’t be afraid of the fact that it’s in rock form!

history excerpt featured on back of bragg's Olive oil in glass, squared bottles

There are numerous health benefits to olive oil

Organic Bragg's olive oil and Manuka honey, both affordable at whole foods

You’ll find all sorts of stuff from Bragg’s at whole foods. Also featured is another one of my favorite rebuys, Manuka Honey

smaller rocks of pink salt make it easier to use

Some more pink, Himalayan rock salt! Much smaller rocks with this one, same store!

olive oil isn't just for cooking, it can be very healthy for your body


Bubble bath cake and Zum

green soap pepperlyptus rex from soaptopia

green soap pepperlyptus rex from soaptopia – be the king of the shower! Great for the hubby!

Natural hair coloring from plant extracts

Natural hair coloring using plant extracts is as easy as a trip to the market

Light brown hair color and conditioner designed to naturally color in your gray hairs, totally worth it if you can save a trip to the salon.

Inside packaging of Light Mountain Henna Dye

The actual henna contents in the Light Mountain Henna dye


Naturtint permanent hair coloring - purple

Naturtint permanent hair coloring with NO AMMONIA

Organic conditioners in berry flavors

Desert Essence Organics conditioners in berry flavors

Color Guide for Light Mountain Natural Henna

This is the color guide from Light Mountain Natural

These are some cool, all natural herbal PPD FREE hair dyes available at Whole Foods

natural hair color henna

Light Mountain natural hair color and conditioner powder – here’s a peek inside!


STrengthen and color your hair with henna, completely natural

This is the back of the Henna hair color and conditioning program – strengthens your hair!