Hollywood Farmers Market Finds

Hollywood Farmers Market Entrance Sign

Farmers Market is held once every week. The products the farmers market sellers offer are truly uncomparable to stuff that the big brand sells now a days. Here are just a few of the stuff i find are necessary Rebuys.

Essential Oils

This is specially made with blends of florals and other essential oils sold by the root families.

Mem Peppermint Tea

Mem is sold by Tea Girls. I was told the peppermint leaves were pure to eat. I ate one spoon a day as eating beyond that is actually toxic for our bodies. This peppermint tea shockingly froze cold virus at it tracks! I was having one of those swollen glands about to worsen the next day, the night before i ate a spoon of the peppermint leaves in boiled water poured in ice. I chewed the leaves and felt the minty freshness soothing to my throat. The next day i felt fine, then i read peppermint leaves have anti viral benefits, and peppermint is also known for helping your digestive system. I can safely say all the result mentioned above is a 150% true based on my personal experience. It really is well worth the buy.

Rosehip Oil

Rosa Mosqueta otherwise known as Rosehip oil that grows on the mountains of Chile has been used for many centuries because of its ability to help skin heal and keep hydrated. It is available at the Farmers Market across Amoeba records store in Hollywood on sundays. Rose hip oil is included as the first listing in ingredient label which is a good sign that the product is probably consisted of 35-40% of the actual rose hip oil with carrier oils such as Jojoba and Vitamin E to add 2 years of shelf life to the Rose hip oil.

My healthy take-home from Farmers Market in Hollywood

There you have it a few insights of what i think is well worth the blog from the Hollywoods Farmers Market.
Thanks for reading and have a great day.