Seasonal Foods for Summer

It is well-advised to eat fruits and vegetable by the season to enjoy the full benefit of crops that nature intended for us to eat during this time of the year. These seasonal fruits and vegetables provide nourishment for our mind and bodies, and can provide us with just what we need for our immune system to fend off any sort of potential harm that comes our way, whether it’s due to weather or temperature change, or bacterial, viral and even genetically inherited medical issue. Here are a few different foods best to be enjoyed during the summer!


Fresh fig fruits grow ripe during the summer months












You can find cherries year-round in many places, but they are best during the Summer.



















purple grapes provide a much-needed kick of antioxidants during the hottest time of the year.







Not as sweet, but just as nutritious, tomatoes can be found farm-fresh all summer long.


Garlic bulbs are a super boost to your immune system, found freshest during the summer

One clove of raw garlic a day can do a world of good to your heart, blood pressure, and overall health and wellness. It truly is nature’s miracle – studies have even shown that certain compounds in raw garlic kills cancer on contact! Really!













Beets are delicious raw or pickled, be sure to check your local farmer's market for fresh beets in the Summer.